The future of transport

Andrew Morse, ptc.‘s Partner and Senior Traffic Engineer, was invited by Compass IoT to participate in their Byte Size video series, which focuses on the role of AI, IoT and Big Data in engineering the future of cities. During the interview, Andrew talked about topics such as customer journey, the application of AI and disruptive […]

Electric vehicles update: how do UK and Australia compare?

The number of new electric vehicle (EV) sales in London is increasing at a higher rate than in other parts of the UK. According to a Transport for London report, in 2018, 2.81% of sales in the city were EV whilst the UK average was 2.13%. Currently, EVs in London account for 20,600 private vehicles, […]

Melbourne Skyfarm – another example of repurposing car parks

This proposed development, Melbourne Skyfarm, will transform the 2,000 sqm rooftop area of the Siddeley St car park into an urban farm, adding greenery to Melbourne’s landscape. Moreover, Skyfarm aims to create awareness about urban farming, which can absorb heat, improving the temperature in city centres. These green islands can also benefit animal life by […]

Integrated multi-modal trip planner

Public and private organisations are all out there in the race to provide a seamless customer experience. In the transportation environment, including the parking industry, this has resulted in the development of numerous apps. Currently, drivers can use parking apps to plan their trip ahead and find available parking spaces. However, often these solutions are […]

Psychology applied to traffic engineering

Although traffic engineering is in the realm of the exact sciences, understanding human behaviour and applying psychological principles can be useful to increase safety and compliant behaviour by road users. This is illustrated by an experiment conducted in the US, which was designed to increase the number of drivers stopping for pedestrians at crosswalks. According […]

Car Park in London becomes a cultural centre

A multi-storey car park in London has been repurposed into an art centre.   Levels 7 and 8 of the Peckham Car Park now accommodate Bold Tendencies, a not-for-profit organisation promoting a mix of contemporary art, orchestral music, opera and architectural projects. The site is open to the general public and has a stylish café on […]

An urban farm in a basement car park

Last week our team visited the car park under the EY building (200 George St, Sydney) but this wasn’t a regular site inspection to observe traffic flow issues or to verify the car park occupancy rates. We were there to learn about Cultivate, a pop-up urban farm initiative by Mirvac and Farmwall. In the face […]

Looking into the future, that’s how you win!

Eric Ye receives ITEANZ-GHD award

  Eric Ye, Junior Traffic Engineer at ptc., received, on the 27th February 2018, the GHD Undergraduate Student Award promoted by the Institute of Transportation Engineers Australia New Zealand (ITEANZ). Eric was awarded for his thesis: Lane Distribution Optimisation of Autonomous Vehicles for Highway Congestion Control, which he authored as part of his studies in […]

What does an autonomous future look like?

This year’s Tech and Design Issue of The New York Times Magazine is completely dedicated to autonomous vehicles (AV) and it includes glimpses of possible futures. It brings up questions such as are traffic signs going to become obsolete? Are we going to become more disconnected with our cities? Are we going to exercise while […]

In-ground traffic lights

A trial of in-ground traffic lights is being conducted by the NSW state government to reduce accidents involving pedestrians, especially those addicted to their mobile phones. In-ground traffic lights were installed at the intersections of Pitt and Goulburn streets, and Hay and Dixon streets, as reported by SMH. The lights turn red to signal pedestrians […]

Adelaide Airport welcomes driverless shuttles

Driverless vehicles may be soon integrated to the transport landscape and part of our everyday life. After the launch of RAC’s autonomous shuttle bus in Perth last year, exciting news come from South Australia in this area. Adelaide Airport intends to have driverless shuttles operating between the airport’s long-term car park and terminal. Last month, […]

Trends that will shape the future of parking

Driverless cars, walkable cities, smart cities and sustainability concerns are some of the trends that are affecting or will affect the way people travel and how public policies are defined. Those different movements converge towards one direction: a reduction in parking supply (or at least a reduction in the growth of supply) and possibly demand,…...

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Share Your Parking Spot

The sharing economy is all around us and is disrupting industries especially by addressing specific consumer’s needs in a more convenient way than the traditional players. Even the parking industry isn’t escaping from it. Last week another parking share app was launched in Australia, more specifically in Coogee and Bondi Beaches. According to Dynamic Business, […]

Car-free developments

Architects are developing creative and new designs to support different lifestyles as a response to consumers who value sustainability and are willing to give up car ownership. In the Wayfinding Forum Blog, we have posted about innovative designs, such as Oslo Solar and Cykelhuset, which illustrate those kinds of initiatives. Oslo Solar is a new…...

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Understanding the impact of driverless car

The closer we get to the introduction of autonomous cars, the more we think about its implications. According to The Economist, carmakers believe that driver-assistance is another feature to be included first in luxury cars, and then steadily trickle down until it reaches entry-level cars. Specialists from other fields have a different idea about the […]

NYC’s World Trade Center Transportation Hub receives mixed reviews

Nearly 15 years after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, and US$4 billion later, the World Trade Center (WTC) Transportation Hub has now partially opened to the public, according to  The Hub serves as a connection between New Jersey’s PATH trains and NYC subways. The design for the hub was first revealed in 2004.  It was […]

V2V and V2I new transport technology in NYC

Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication is fast becoming one of the biggest sea changes in transportation technology, following right behind the foot steps of self-driving vehicles. The core essence of this technology allows cars, signs and traffic to communicate with one another over Wi-Fi-like airways, according to As such, drivers will have access to more […]

Solar panels to hit the roads in France

Over the next five years, and with the support of the country’s Agency of Environment and Energy Management, France will install some 1,000km of solar roadways using cutting edge technology, according to In a joint venture between France’s National Institute for Solar Energy and Colas (a transport infrastructure company) solar panels will be glued […]

How Chinese companies are dealing with carpooling

General Motors in China have developed an app to enable their 700 employees to share rides with their colleagues and combine their “employee carpooling program with intelligent mobile technology”. According to the program allows drivers to input their preferred route, departure time and number of seats available, while riders will submit their commuter requests. […]

Challenging a parking fine? There is an app for that too

For an 18 year old in North London, new technology and creative thinking, has led to the creation of a website which allows motorists to contest parking tickets in seconds. The volume of parking tickets Joshua Browder was receiving was enough to inspire him to create his own website to fast track the appeal […]

The woman behind 640km of bike lanes in NYC

Janette Sadik-Khan, NYC’s recent transportation commissioner, was instrumental in the introduction of over 640 km of bike lanes to the NYC cityscape.  She was the driving force behind the impressive makeover of NYC’s Department of Transportation (DOT) from 2007 to 2013 with bikes, cycle paths and a new way of mobility top of mind.  As […]

Robotic car parks – how successful are they?

Automatic robotic parking garages have been popping up around the world from Miami to Denmark for many years.  Whilst they represent a sign of the times in terms of the development of technology and smart cities, their design and implementation can sometimes be problematic. Take for instance what is considered the perfect car park in […]

Can Sydney develop its own digital traffic plan?

The world is embracing digital transformation with gusto and speed.  Smart cities around the globe are reshaping and rebuilding themselves for the better and creating a more liveable and safe environment for residents. But for some reason Sydney is lagging behind. According to a recent report released by the Committee for Sydney, as reported in […]

The hidden beauty of America’s car parks

For Baltimore based photographer Ben Marcin, there is more to car parks than grey concrete and cars.  Ben aims to identify the hidden beauty and colour of a standard ‘parking garage’, according to To what is often considered as just a ‘space’ to park one’s car, Ben is able to see the structure, the […]

Will driverless cars survive the test?

  On 8th November, media and key industry personnel were exposed to the first demonstration of driverless cars in Adelaide.  The SMH reported a ride in a driverless car was seamless.  The feeling was the same – smooth, safe and structured.  According to the reporter Adam Carey, the car cruised leisurely along the highway at […]

Design & fashion make their way to the car park

Ask anyone about the definition of a car park, and you will instantly hear words such as: congestion, nightmare, traffic, expensive, hard to use or perhaps “I can never find my car”.  But has anyone ever responded with “they are the best place to hold a fashion show”?  Perhaps not. Earlier this year the British […]

Salt Lake City: less cars and more bikes = a boost to retail profitability

    Salt Lake City leads by example.  Retailers are renown for hitting the panic button when there are plans to remove on-street parking and add extra space for bicycles.  However, according to,  a growing body of evidence suggests that the introduction of additional bikes and bike lanes, can lead to a calmer streetscape […]

Adelaide reinvents itself as a vibrant new city with less cars and more people

  Placemaking plays a major role in the reinvention of Adelaide and has been the force behind Adelaide stepping into the world arena.  The city is now becoming daring and exciting, according to AdelaideNow.  It  is receiving international recognition due to its recent transformation through a dedicated program of infrastructure and redevelopment.  Adelaide City Council’s […]