Our traffic engineers ensure safe and efficient movement of people within and around developments – whatever the mode of transport. From Masterplanning to Development Applications to Construction, we give fast, cost-effective and quality traffic engineering advice. We consider the effects of a development on the transport network and respond with creative road, intersection and car parking design solutions for optimal outcomes.

our services include;

traffic and parking assessment reports;

Expert advice for Development Applications, Masterplans and Subdivisions.
We provide clients with the traffic and parking assessments required for Development Applications, Masterplans and Subdivisions. We incorporate the relevant analysis, such as intersection modelling and vehicle turning path, to ensure the proposed developments are viable in terms of both design and overall traffic impact.
Our solutions are not just compliant, but also workable when it comes to implementing the design on site without the need of expensive re-designs.

traffic management plans (TMPs);

Compliant and efficient TMPs endorsed by our experienced engineers.
TMPs are prepared in relation to any works or infrequent activity occurring within the road network. Our traffic engineers are familiar with the requirements of the Consent Authorities and can provide a vital interface between the client and the authorities.

road network modelling;

Civil engineers with vast experience in concept road and traffic signal design.
Our consultants have civil engineering background with experience in concept road design and traffic signal design. We utilise intersection modelling tools, such as SIDRA, Commuter and Linsig to provide detailed output data in relation to traffic signal phase sequencing and timing.

car parking design & compliance assessment;

Maximise the efficiency of your car park.
We apply design principles to ensure that your car park’s space efficiency, traffic circulation and pedestrian safety are optimised.
Often our reviews result in cost reductions, whilst still providing users with an improved parking experience.

green travel plans;

Tailored plans for residential, commercial and mixed-use developments.
Usually required by Councils during the Development Application process, the objective of a Green Travel Plan is to promote active transportation to and from the site. Our consultants have experience in establishing the plan methodology, goals and strategies taking into consideration the site characteristics and the local transport environment.

expert witness;

Engage an experienced traffic engineering expert for your case.
Andrew Morse, ptc.’s Managing Director and Senior Traffic Engineer, has presented evidence for both applicants and Councils. Andrew is also listed as an independent expert for situations in which an applicant and Council may agree to share the expertise of one witness, or where the Court requires a third point of view.

traffic control signal design (TCS);

Expert advice on TCS.
TCS complements our traffic modelling and concept intersection design services. We produce detailed TCS designs for signal installation as part of our comprehensive approach to project delivery.

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