Our team enhances the user experience through the recommendation of parking management and design solutions to positively impact the success of your development. Our in-depth understanding of the managerial, operational and technological components of on-street and off-street parking environments, as well as our proven independence, has achieved great outcomes on countless car parks.

our services include;

car park design and peer review;

Engage specialists in car park design.
Our engineers undertake design and assessments of all types of car park facilities, ensuring compliance with Australian Standards and local authority requirements. We apply design principles to maximise the space efficiency of your car park, whilst optimizing traffic circulation, pedestrian safety and convenience.

car park upgrades;

Enhance the customer experience at your car park.
Innovative design and refurbishment recommendations to eliminate the bare concrete shell appearance of many car parks. Improving the look and feel of the car park results in a positive impact on the asset’s financial bottom line.

feasibility studies and demand forecasts;

A reliable analysis of parking demand and revenue.
We are specialists in the financial analysis of car park performance. We apply our own proven methodology to each category of parker, to build a total picture of parking demand and revenue.

revenue maximisation;

Uncover the full potential of your car park.
For clients seeking expert commercial advice aimed at improving returns, our yield management reviews assist landlords to identify a car park’s untapped potential.

operational tenders;

Expert advice on car park leases and management agreements.
The right car park management will ensure user satisfaction and profitability. Compare the merits of outsourcing and in-house management and receive recommendations on structuring the financial aspects of the agreement in order to obtain a mutually beneficial solution for owner and operator.

end-of-trip facilities;

Encourage active transport at your site.
Our recommendations include high quality bike security, location of showers/change rooms and lockers for storage, safe interaction of cars and bikes within the car park, as well as design innovations, such as lighting, clear signage and wall graphics.

signage and wayfinding;

Provide the ultimate customer journey.
Wayfinding signage helps drivers and pedestrians to navigate the space. The use of signs and environmental graphics enhances the user experience, whether they are looking for the car park entrance, a parking space or the way to the shops/terminal/hospital, etc.​

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