Benefit from the comprehensive experience of our parking consultants and get tangible value for your property.

Through our market knowledge, we provide innovative solutions to real world business problems. Get objective and value for money advice from independent consultants with no attachments to suppliers or operators.

Maximise the returns of your assets with our strategic parking consulting services.

our services include;

lease/management agreements;

Optimise asset returns through the agreement life cycle.
Develop a renewal strategy to suit the asset’s goals with pre-expiry performance and rent reviews. Improve commercial returns by undertaking a contract review.

To secure a renewal that is at market, we assist in the preparation, management and evaluation of competitive tenders. We can provide support during negotiations as well as planning and implementation of operator transitions.

To ensure obligations are met and opportunities are leveraged, you can engage us for periodic performance and compliance reviews throughout the term.

feasibility studies and demand forecasts;

A reliable analysis of parking demand and revenue.
We are specialists in the financial analysis of car park performance. We apply our own proven methodology to each category of parker, to build a total picture of parking demand, revenue and expenses.

market rent reviews;

Get the most out of your car park.
Ensure you are receiving adequate returns for your asset with our market rent review. Identify potential demand and revenues for planning purposes. Or get a market-based evaluation of direct offers or existing terms. We can also conduct periodic reviews if required in your lease.

strategy and business case proposals;

Count on our extensive knowledge base to develop a robust proposal.
Benefit from our parking consultants’ extensive market knowledge. Get strategies that will support your investment decisions.

revenue maximisation;

Uncover the full potential of your car park.
Get commercial advice aimed at improving returns with our yield management reviews. Our parking experts assist landlords in identifying a car park’s untapped potential.

portfolio performance analysis;

See the big picture of your combined assets.
Through a portfolio heatmap based on the performance of all your sites, you can identify strong performing assets and the ones which may have further upside. Based on this assessment we can prepare portfolio renewal strategies and site specific analysis.

due diligence assessments;

Engage expert consultants when evaluating a car park.
An independent assessment of a parking asset will ensure key issues are not overlooked. Get a complete assessment of the car park’s opportunities and constraints. Our evaluation includes revenue and cost projections.

parking technology solutions;

Benefit from an independent performance-based specification for optimal results.
The best parking technology is the one that suits your needs. Our independence from suppliers puts us in a unique position to provide you with objective advice. We can provide needs analysis, asset strategy, performance-based specification and competitive tender process. Our consultants can also assist you with commercial and project management support.

car park upgrades;

Enhance the customer experience at your car park.
Eliminate the bare concrete shell appearance of the car park with design and refurbishment recommendations. Improving the look and feel of the car park results in a positive impact on the asset’s financial ‘bottom line’.

signage and wayfinding;

Provide the ultimate customer journey.
Wayfinding helps drivers and pedestrians to easily navigate the car park. Providing a seamless customer journey enhances their overall experience. We design signage systems according to the characteristics of the car park and the needs of its intended users.

car park design and operational design review;

Get the ultimate design review with both technical and commercial advice.
Our engineers undertake design and assessments of all types of car park facilities, ensuring compliance with Australian Standards and local authority requirements. We apply design principles to maximise space efficiency, traffic circulation and pedestrian safety.

Our parking consultants look at the car park with an operational lens to optimise customer experience, commercial returns and reduce risk.

Jennifer Sisson

“I have been on the client’s side of the table for many years and I know how it feels to own the problem or develop an opportunity within a complex business environment. I bring that client ownership mindset to all the projects I work on”.

Our principal parking consultant, Jennifer Sisson, has 14 years of experience in developing ground transport and parking revenue streams at Australian airports. As a parking consultant, she brings her strong commercial focus to our clients’ projects to achieve their goals. Her strategic thinking, attention to detail and customer-centric approach guarantee high client satisfaction levels.

Jennifer is the right person to assist you with your next parking project.

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