Our firm was founded in 1980 as Parking Consultants International (PCI) with a focus on all aspects of car park operations and design.

Cristina Lynn, our Managing Partner, joined the firm in 2003 and played a key role in the business growth, being responsible for quadrupling its size in just a few years. Eventually she became a partner and then owner of the business in 2007.

Over the years, PCI became a reference point in the Australian parking industry offering services such as car park design, feasibility analysis, revenue maximisation, as well as operational and technology tenders.

In 2010, Andrew Morse joined the partnership and traffic engineering services were incorporated into our offer. The business was rebranded to Parking & Traffic Consultants as we expanded our areas of expertise into a wide array of additional and interrelated services.

Andrew’s unique mix of experience and exceptional client management skills further contributed to the development of the business into a one-of-a-kind blend of technical and management consulting services.

Not ones for standing still, Cristina and Andrew have continued to seek new avenues, resulting in the 2017 re-branding to ptc. and the expansion of services into wayfinding signage and civil design.


Our values guide us to work together in achieving our mission in the most effective and fulfilling way

achieving memorable journeys;
  • care about our clients as individuals as well as their business;
  • do your best to make a positive and significant impact on the lives of our colleagues, clients and the communities we serve;
  • be fair with the company, our clients and yourself;
  • be committed by taking ownership of our processes and being accountable for our results;
to be recognised influencer and leader;
  • strive to maintain the highest professional standards, provide sound and consistent advice, and strictly preserve our independence;
  • lead by example, acting in a way that is consistent with what we expect of each other and our clients expect from us;
  • strive to grow as an individual and help the business to grow sustainably with you;
respect & nurture our team;
  • encourage the freedom to cultivate ideas;
  • reward innovation and flexibility;
  • bring the best in each other through mentoring and traineeship;
  • value diversity of opinions, skills and experiences;
  • promote an excellent environment where exceptional people will thrive;

Above all, we act with integrity by knowing our values and working hard to behave consistently with them.

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