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What started out as a “temporary” engagement back in 2003 resulted in the most rewarding and exciting professional career move I have ever made. My years in parking and transportation have flown by and, as I celebrate my 20th year with ptc., I am excited to take on the new role of Advisor to the Board of Directors.

In what seems like a couple of lifetimes ago I gained a degree in Business Studies and subsequently qualified as a Chartered Accountant. My years with Ernst & Young gave me the opportunity of not only developing my auditing and consulting skills but also to travel extensively around Europe from a base in Verona, Italy. I was the first woman to be promoted to Senior Manager in the Italian practice. Not only did I learn skills regarding procedures and controls but also how to relate to a diversity of clients in different industries, how to communicate in several languages and how to appreciate a good meal and a great glass of wine! All these skills have since come in very handy, not least the acquisition of projects in South America.

At ptc. I sought to broaden the horizons of consulting in a specialized niche by giving clients the opportunity not only to interact with a team of professionals each bringing their own special set of skills but by providing a platform where each of the specific areas of specialization can work together to achieve higher outcomes.

As part of my broader commitment to the industry, I spent 10 years on the Board of Parking Australia of which I was the President until November 2017, having previously held the roles of Vice President and Treasurer.

I also kept up with developments in the international arena by membership of the World Parking Symposium Board of Advisors and International Parking & Mobility Institute and by attending and speaking at conferences and events.

In 2021, I moved to Sardinia with my family, from where I continued to work part-time alongside the directors and the team on project work and business management. As a further step towards retirement from the day-to-day activities my participation in the business is now in the role of Advisor to the Board of Directors. I also provide guidance and advice to other team members as a way to share my knowledge and experience in business management and parking consultancy projects.

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