Our Wayfinding Design services fulfil the need to deliver the ultimate customer experience within our client’s space from the time customers and visitors enter the car park, foyer or reception until they leave at the end of their visit.

Our design approach is based on the needs of the people who use those spaces. We utilise design elements to support the customer’s decision making process whilst navigating the site (whether on foot, by car or bicycle).

our services include;

wayfinding strategy;

Provide the best user experience at your site.
Our wayfinding strategy typically includes a thorough analysis of the site, development of precinct master planning and user journey mapping. Our designs are created using wayfinding and design principles ensuring high quality delivery to our clients.

concept signage design;

Enhance your brand and the customer journey.
Our signage design services consist of brand overlays in the built environment and the design of signs that assist users to navigate through the site. We assist our clients from concept to design development and documentation resulting in clear stage gates during the signage design process.

signage location plans;

Ensure a seamless customer journey.
We develop the signage location plans according to the identification of the decision points, messaging and signage points enabling the understanding of the site and the signage needed to ensure a seamless customer journey.

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