Civil design transforms concept ideas into a buildable reality. Our civil engineers assist you with cost-effective solutions for preliminary assessments as well as concept and detailed designs.

In addition to our standalone services, the civil team provides a continuation to our traffic engineering projects. The overlap ensures every detail is considered, facilitating a smooth transition to the final scheme for construction.

our services include;

feasibility study and site selection;

Get expert civil advice at Master planning stage.
Our assessment and recommendations add value to your project from the start. We provide you with cost analysis, evaluation of site constraints and potential innovative solutions ensuring you get the right information to guide the next stages of the development.


Cost-effective solutions designed for your site.
From preliminary assessments to detailed drawings, our experienced engineers provide relevant advice, such as bulk earthworks modelling and cut-fill analysis. We assist clients to achieve cost-effective outcomes considering site-specific challenges.

flooding, stormwater and drainage;

Engage experienced engineers focused on adding value to your project.
We can assist you at different stages of the development with flooding, stormwater and drainage systems. Our areas of expertise include flood assessments, sustainable drainage systems and stormwater management as well as water sensitive urban design. For every project our goal is to maximise our clients’ resources by conducting comprehensive analysis and developing effective solutions.

road and intersection design;

Civil design to seamlessly connect your site to the road network.
We can act as the lead consultant or as a part of an integrated team to deliver streetscape, public domain, as well as road and intersection design for both small and large scale developments. From RMS controlled roads to private internal roads, our team has the experience to provide the optimal design for your site.

public domain;

Ensure smooth connection between your site and the surrounding environment.
Public domain civil engineering services are essential for the smooth functioning of our communities and active transport network. We undertake public domain design services to ensure that developments provide safe, efficient, and sustainable infrastructure that supports the project and connects it with the surrounding environment.

expert witness;

Engage a experienced civil engineer expert for your case.
Civil Project Director, Stephen Naughton, has presented evidence for both applicants and Councils. Stephen is an independent expert for situations in which an applicant and Council may agree to share the expertise of one witness, or where the Court requires a third point of view.

Stephen Naughton

"I value relationships both with the team and clients, and work hard to build and maintain the trust of everyone I deal with".

Our Director, Stephen Naughton, is a highly respected Chartered Engineer with more than 15 years’ experience in the management and design of civil engineering developments. He has worked on projects in a wide range of sectors including Aged Care, Healthcare, Education, Correction Facilities, Leisure Centres, Defence, Residential, Commercial and Subdivisions.

Stephen is heading our civil team and is the right person to assist you in your next project.

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