Civil design transforms concept ideas into a buildable reality.

Our civil engineers provide the continuation to our traffic engineering projects by connecting concepts developed during the early stages of a project into designs for costing and construction. The overlap ensures every detail is considered, facilitating a smooth transition from Development Approval/Concept to a final scheme.

our services include;

concept road and intersection design;

Civil design to seamlessly connect your site to the road network.
We can act as the lead consultant or as a part of an integrated team to deliver streetscape, public domain, as well as road and intersection design for both small and large scale developments. Our team provides fully integrated solutions that seamlessly link the internal and external access demands of the development.

car park design and peer review;

Engage specialists in car park design.
Our engineers undertake design and assessments of all types of car park facilities, ensuring compliance with Australian Standards and local authority requirements. We apply design principles to maximise the space efficiency of your car park, whilst optimizing traffic circulation, pedestrian safety and convenience.

traffic control signal design (TCS);

Expert advice on TCS.
TCS complements our traffic modelling and concept intersection design services. We produce detailed TCS designs for signal installation as part of our comprehensive approach to project delivery.

end-of-trip facilities;

Encourage active transport at your site.
Our recommendations include high quality bike security, location of showers/change rooms and lockers for storage, safe interaction of cars and bikes within the car park, as well as design innovations, such as lighting, clear signage and wall graphics.

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