Civil Designer

Being a 90’s kid, I was passionate about video games which I now realise have led me to my career choice. Since a young age, I have played games such as The Sims, Zoo Tycoon and RollerCoaster Tycoon (the last I play until this day, I must confess). In these games, you basically develop a project for a house/amusement park and run a successful business. When you add my occasional taste for drawing the recipe for a designer is complete.

When I chose to study Civil Engineering, I already knew I would like to work as a civil drafter/designer. My first internship was as a Drafter for roadways projects, an area that already interested me back in the day. Now in Australia, it has been a pleasure to be back working and developing myself in this field.

In my spare time, I’m keen on outdoor activities such as going to the beach or playing volleyball. On top of my list are scuba diving/snorkelling (to be close to nature) and going to amusement parks (for the thrills).

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