Traffic Engineer

I embarked on my journey in transport planning with a desire to contribute to shaping the future of our cities. I have a passion for crafting sustainable and efficient solutions that not only meet today’s needs but also anticipate the demands of tomorrow. I’m lucky to have found the space to explore this at ptc.

I have two years of hands-on experience in India working at a multinational infrastructure company, collaborating exclusively with the UK and Middle East countries. I’m excited about the opportunity to expand my horizons to the Australian market.

At ptc., I’m learning from some of the industry’s best by diving deep into Traffic Impact Assessments and traffic modelling using SIDRA intersection design. I’m thrilled to share my experience in transportation with forward-thinking engineers who are ready to make a difference.

I believe in a balanced life, so, when I’m not in the world of traffic and transport, I’m out there exploring the vibrant streets of Sydney and capturing its unique landscapes. You can also find me binge-watching, painting, embarking on adventures and nurturing my garden.

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