Managing Director

I am a qualified Civil and Traffic Engineer and a member of the Australian Institute of Traffic Planning & Management (AITPM) and the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia (IPWEA).  I have broad experience within the field of traffic engineering following my involvement with a variety of projects in the UK, the Asia Pacific region, South America and throughout Australia.

At ptc. I am able to combine my traffic engineering expertise with the firm’s parking services, to provide longer term transport and parking planning for clients, beyond the completion of the project.  This provides me with a unique perspective in terms of the success of project and how it will deliver to the end user/customer.

I originally trained as a Civil Engineering Technician with Arup in Bristol (UK), where I had the opportunity to work in a wide variety of civil engineering projects, however it was traffic engineering that interested me the most, and so I specialised in this field. Having been with Arup for 5 years, I was given the chance to join Pinnacle Transportation in 1998, a small startup at the time.

In 1999 I relocated to Sydney to assist Pinnacle with an 8 month project in Sydney at the conclusion of which I decided to stay in Australia. Since that time I have continued to be involved the sector as a Senior Consultant, overseeing many projects covering a wide variety of property types and sizes.

I have experience as an Expert Witness to the Land & Environment Court and the Supreme Court and I also represent Parking Australia in the drafting of the AS2890 series of Australian Standards for parking design.

Besides being a transport enthusiast, I am a keen music writer/producer and band member, which brings me into contact with talented and interesting artists and musicians and a chance for inspiration outside the world of transport and development.

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