Managing Director

My experience as a Civil and Traffic Engineer started in the early 90s in the UK before transferring to Australia in 1999.  Over that time I have been involved in and managed a significant range of projects for a variety of clients.  My journey towards Managing Director began in 2011 when I joined Cristina as a Partner of ptc. and over the following decade, we have strived to develop the company and its continued growth.

I am a member of the Australian Institute of Traffic Planning & Management (AITPM) and the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia (IPWEA) and am a Level 2 Road Safety Auditor.  I have broad experience within the field of traffic engineering following my involvement with a variety of projects in the UK, the Asia Pacific region, South America and throughout Australia providing clients with strategic and detailed solutions.

As Managing Director I am able to combine my civil and traffic engineering background and lead our team of dedicated consultants and engineers.  My focus, and that of the firm, is on user-driven outcomes and providing clients with comprehensive solutions that consider the long-term impact and success of their projects.

I have experience as an Expert Witness to the Land & Environment Court and the Supreme Court and I also represent Parking Australia in the drafting of the AS2890 series of Australian Standards for parking design.

Besides being a transport enthusiast, I am a keen music writer/producer and band member, which brings me into contact with talented and interesting artists and musicians and a chance for inspiration outside the world of transport and development.

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