Car-free developments

Architects are developing creative and new designs to support different lifestyles as a response to consumers who value sustainability and are willing to give up car ownership. In the Wayfinding Forum Blog, we have posted about innovative designs, such as Oslo Solar and Cykelhuset, which illustrate those kinds of initiatives.

Oslo Solar is a new high-rise in Oslo’s centre that will give preference to cyclists instead of drivers. The commercial building will have 500 bicycle parking spaces, as well as end-of-trip facilities such as showers, change rooms and bike repair stations.  Whilst there will be 10 recharge stations for electric vehicles, however, the high-rise won’t provide any space for conventional cars.

The Cykelhuset, or “bicycle house”, is an apartment building being developed in Malmö, Sweden, with no car parking spaces. To bypass the City’s minimum parking requirements, the developers needed to invest in solutions for residents to enjoy a car-free lifestyle. The designers considered situations where people would normally need a car and came up with solutions to substitute car ownership.

For instance, the “bicycle house” has a fleet of cargo bicycles available for borrowing which are big enough to transport several small kids to school in large pull-along sidecars.  The building elevators were also designed to accommodate these cargo bikes and open on both sides to avoid manoeuvring the bicycle in the hallways. The residents also have access to services through a “mobility subscription” including carpooling, credits to use bus or train and bike repair.


Car-free developments in Australia

In Melbourne, an organisation has been getting attention due to their sustainable development model. The Nightingale Housing was formed by a group of architects with the intention of creating sustainable housing considering ecological, financial, social and neighbourhood contribution factors.

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