Melbourne Skyfarm – another example of repurposing car parks

This proposed development, Melbourne Skyfarm, will transform the 2,000 sqm rooftop area of the Siddeley St car park into an urban farm, adding greenery to Melbourne’s landscape. Moreover, Skyfarm aims to create awareness about urban farming, which can absorb heat, improving the temperature in city centres. These green islands can also benefit animal life by […]

Solar car park doubles as research lab

PTC has been following the news of solar car parks since 2010, and their incidence is steadily increasing. Last month, Florida Power & Light (FPL) announced the installation of a new commercial-scale solar array in one of Florida International University’s parking lots, as reported by the Miami Herald.  The difference is that this solar parking […]

No place for cars in Oslo development

A new high-rise in Oslo’s centre will give preference to cyclists instead of drivers, according to CO.EXIST. Oslo Solar building will have 500 parking spaces for bikes, as well as end-of-trip facilities such as showers, change rooms and bike repair stations.  There will be 10 recharge stations for electric vehicles, however, the high-rise won’t provide […]

5 year old cyclists leading the way in Odense, Denmark

Whilst in Australia parents are reluctant to let their children walk or cycle to school, things are certainly on the move in Denmark.  School children in Odense are more likely to show up on a bike at school than be dropped off in a car, as posted in Contrary to statistics in Australia where […]

Solar panels to hit the roads in France

Over the next five years, and with the support of the country’s Agency of Environment and Energy Management, France will install some 1,000km of solar roadways using cutting edge technology, according to In a joint venture between France’s National Institute for Solar Energy and Colas (a transport infrastructure company) solar panels will be glued […]

The woman behind 640km of bike lanes in NYC

Janette Sadik-Khan, NYC’s recent transportation commissioner, was instrumental in the introduction of over 640 km of bike lanes to the NYC cityscape.  She was the driving force behind the impressive makeover of NYC’s Department of Transportation (DOT) from 2007 to 2013 with bikes, cycle paths and a new way of mobility top of mind.  As […]

Sustainable public transport the key to Shanghai’s bold development program

According to, the city is set to be developed into a ‘megacity’.    However, it will be a long journey for planners and policy makers. The thoughts of local residents resonate with many residents here in Sydney – ‘long commutes and traffic jams’.    Planners in both cities are faced with massive challenges to make them […]

Belgium takes a leap of faith into green street parking

For the Belgian town of Ghent, population of 600,000, the idea was simple: create a car-free street during the summer months and let the community decide what to do with the space. For a period of two months, 25 streets have been transformed into a perfect playground for kids.  The crux of the idea is:  […]

Happy PARK(ing) Day

    Creativity and a forward thinking group of innovative designers, Rebar, converted a single metered parking space into a temporary park in downtown San Francisco.  Bingo – a worldwide event was created – PARK(ing) Day.  From its humble beginnings in 2005, PARK(ing) Day has evolved into a global movement and it is here in […]

Urban mobility goes electric in Copenhagen

  As reported in Inside EVs, a new initiative between leading business groups and providers of public transport has seen urban mobility jump to the forefront in Copenhagen. In a joint initiative between Arriva (Denmark’s provider of public transport), DriveNow (European car sharing operator) and BMW, means the people of Copenhagen can now enjoy urban […]

Car-Free Areas announced for Central Park

A new initiative from the City of New York, Office of the Mayor, Bill de Blasio, has released some key improvements to major sections of Central Park, which will be solely dedicated to recreation.  Improvements to Central Park and Prospect Park will make the majority of each park car-free.  These changes will restore major sections […]

Vancouver promotes ‘active transportation’

Due to an innovative planning move by the City of Vancouver, the iconic Burrard Bridge handled about 300,000 bike trips per month between September and November last year, as reported in Streetsblog USA.  Thanks to a protected bike path lane and an overhaul of the intersection at one end of the bridge, Burrard Bridge has […]

Dump The Pump Day – celebrating 10 years

A community initiative developed by the The American Public Transportation Association celebrated the 10th annual National Dump The Pump Day last week.  Dump The Pump aims to raise social consciousness on how to save money (and the planet) by forgoing a visit to the bowser. APTA are encouraging people to take public transport and consider the potential to […]

Lord Howe Island follows the sustainable path

As reported in the SMH, the residents on Lord Howe Island (LHI) have committed to become pioneers in renewable energy.    With the island’s World Heritage-listed status, the renewable energy path is a natural progression. As commented by Penny Holloway, LHI Board Chief Executive, “it’s not been a difficult decision for the island to move to […]

US Report Card on State cycling

A pro-active and leading authority on bike riding in the US, the League of American Bicyclists, has released its 2015 State Rankings, highlighting which states are doing the most – and the least – to make bicycling a safe and convenient way to get around. Washington must be doing something right as they top the […]

Transport planning for “Millennials”

  A recent US survey, presented by Progressive Railroading,  found a majority of forward thinking citizens with an environmentally-friendly vision for the future, want access to public transportation options so they don’t have to rely so much on owning and driving a car. According to the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), they have defined this […]

Your ride into the future

According to, personal electric mobility devices (PMEDs) are an emerging breed of transportation in Asia.  Singapore’s Marina Bay financial district has been trialling the use of “Airwheels” to help drive a shift to more sustainable urban transport. By 2030, Asia will account for almost half of all the vehicles in the world.  PMED’s may […]

Melbourne CBD – Motorcycles in, Cars Out

The Melbourne Age recently reported that “motorcycles and scooters will be given preferential treatment over cars and trucks in Melbourne’s inner city”.   As part of Melbourne City Council’s (MCC) 2015-2018 Motorcycle Plan, a key idea is to expand motorcycle parking across the municipality.  The document highlights that with more motorcyclists on the roads, this will result […]

Hospital Cycling Initiative Reduces Carbon Emissions

Forward thinking, planning and initiative paved the way for the Seattle Children’s Hospital to develop a comprehensive Transportation Plan.    According to a well-known American blog – Streetsblog USA, The Seattle Children’s Hospital is leading the way in “Sustainable Healthcare Architecture”.  Launched in 2008, “the new target was to reduce the share of commuters who arrive […]

Singapore’s success in managing congestion

Following on from last week’s article about Congestion Charging in London, we look at the experience of our northern neighbour, Singapore, to see another fine example of regulating traffic congestion with a multi-faceted “user pays” system. An article by DAC (Danish Architecture Centre & Cities) reminds us that Singapore was one of the first to […]

Would London’s Congestion Charging work in Australia?

If you had to pay $20 to enter the CBD by car, would you take public transport instead?  Apparently, if London’s experience is translatable, the answer is yes!  In 2003, in an attempt to improve the untenable congestion and pollution that plagued Central London, the government introduced “Congestion Charging”.  All private and commercial vehicles entering […]

Dutch cycling experts offer advice on road safety

There’s no easy answer to the problems of cycling safety in Australia, but the first order of business is a change in attitude toward cycling and cyclists.  This was the observation of Dutch experts, Arie Vijfhuizen and Martijn te Lintelo, recently visiting Australia on a national tour speaking about road safety and cycling, reports the […]

Barcelona Police first with green ride

Barcelona Police have taken delivery of a new fleet of 30 electrically powered scooters, giving them efficient, zero-emission mobility around the city.  Already a leader in sustainable mobility, Barcelona was the perfect partner to showcase this fleet of fully electric scooters, manufactured by BMW. As reported recently on BMW Blog, this is the first fleet […]

Amsterdam runs out of bicycle parking

It’s a problem that most cities can only imagine…to have exhausted the supply of bike parking! It could only be Amsterdam, a city of 800,000, whose inhabitants own an estimated 880,000 bikes — four times the number of cars in their garages.     The ridership statistics are impressive – reportedly 58% of the population use a […]

School Traffic: Looking at reduction options

In the last of our school traffic series, we are taking a look at some of the school traffic congestion alternatives being put forward locally and overseas.   The alternatives relate not only to traffic congestion but also how school communities can encourage more active alternatives for children travelling to and from school. In Mosman, Councillor […]

Wayfinder signs encourage sustainable mobility

Wayfinder signs encourage sustainable mobility

In several towns and cities in the UK, wayfinder signs aimed at making it easier for pedestrians to navigate and explore are being installed.  The new look signage encourages sustainable mobility by helping residents and tourists to navigate their way around town centres and to local landmarks on foot. The Wayfinder system consists of six-foot […]

London: Cycling now considered mass transport

Transport for London’s new Cycling Design Standards Policy begins with the words “Cycling is now mass transport and must be treated as such”.  Councils in London boroughs are now requiring developers to integrate this approach into their development plans. A recent example is the 250 City Road project which was required to include ample parking […]

Adding HEAT to transport planning

Photo Credit: For best results, ride hot and slow. (Getty Images) via For planners and politicians convincing the public of the need to expand cycleways and walking paths is not always an easy sell.  For various reasons be it cost, impact on road users or inconvenience in public spaces, urban and transport planners often […]

Smart mobility can make cities sustainable

Image: According to the World Resources Institute and World Bank, 2015 presents a great opportunity to work towards making cities more sustainable.  Helping put cities on the right path   will require investment in sustainable, low-carbon urban transport systems, infrastructure and technology. “We can either continue to build car-orientated cities that lock in these unsustainable […]