Are drive-in cinemas making a comeback?

In a world where social distancing rules are in place, drive-in cinemas seem to be a good solution for cultural life to resurge whilst keeping everyone safe. Last week, Darwin Airport announced that its short stay car park will be transformed into a drive-in cinema on the 26th and 27th of June. The event will […]

No more minimum parking requirements in Rio

Rio de Janeiro, the second most populous Brazilian city, recently approved new building codes that will eliminate the minimum parking requirements, which were established in 1967 and mandated one car park space per housing unit. They will be replaced with a parking maximum of one space per four housing units. It is now mandatory to […]

Who owns the city?

What is the current space allocated to cars in your city? And to bikes and rail? What is the fairest way to share the public space between different mode shares? We have touched on this topic in a previous article Cities are for people. In this article, we detailed the US National Association of City […]

French Grand Prix faced major traffic issues

Any team responsible for the organisation of a major event will spend many hours covering all the details in regards to what attendees will encounter once they arrive at the venue. The organisers of the French Grand Prix probably made sure that drivers had the infrastructure they needed, VIP guests received the best service and […]

Hong Kong car park prices – how much is too much?

That Hong Kong is the most expensive place in the world to purchase a residential property it is widely known but have you thought how much it costs to own a parking space there? According to Reuters, car park spaces have tripled in value between 2010 and 2017. This is a remarkable growth on its […]

Berlin, here we come!

As one of the speakers at the next World Parking Symposium (WPS), our managing partner, Cristina Lynn, will explore the impact of changes in customers’ behaviour, including the trends related to online shopping juggernauts like Amazon, on bricks and mortar shopping centres. The discussion will focus on the role of parking in the current and […]

Car park design inspiration

We are known enthusiasts of well-designed car parks and are thrilled whenever we find car park buildings that don’t get defined by the utilitarian aspect of the service and create a positive visual impact (see some of our previous posts: Another astonishing car park design and Parking design, a Dutch case). The Herma parking building […]

We have a winner!

Henry Li, Traffic Engineer at ptc., is one of the winners of the Parking Professional Photo Contest, promoted by the International Parking Institute’s magazine. Photos in five categories were accepted in the competition: Structure, Lot, Offbeat/Unusual/Funny, People in Parking and Equipment/Technology. Our colleague won the Structure category with the photo above. ​​According to Henry, “the […]

ptc. expands its presence in Latin America

We are happy to share this article published in the Industria del Estacionamiento Profesional, International Parking Institute’s (IPI) Spanish-language magazine. ptc. has now been providing advice to various clients in Latin America, including different retailer groups, for a number of years. We are currently working on a shopping centre project in Santiago, Chile with over […]

Car sharing at its best

One of the most interesting things about travelling overseas is to see how different cities address congestion in a practical sense. Whilst in Milan we discovered ENJOY, a car sharing business providing one-way rides within the metropolitan area in suitably branded Fiat 500s (red of course). According to its website there are currently 564 vehicles […]

Growing driverless car fleet in the US

Waymo, the company created to commercialise Google’s self-driving car research, was launched last December and is moving fast forward to set its position in the autonomous vehicles sector. The company used 100 self-driving vehicles to conduct public tests in Arizona; in comparison, Uber had 43 active self-driving vehicles being tested in March 2017. Now, Waymo […]

Curb extension to increase walkability

Los Angeles civic centre, one of the most walkable, transit and bike-friendly areas of the city, became more pedestrian-friendly with the added improvements at the intersection of First and Main streets. Similarly to what we reported on our recent post Design interventions for safer streets, the city Department of Transportation new treatments aims to make […]

Design interventions for safer streets

New design strategies are being tested in Mumbai to improve road safety. Last week, a temporary artwork was installed in the Mithchowki intersection, a risky road area in Mumbai, according to Global Designing Cities Initiative (GDCI). The redesign was based on principles of the Global Street Design Guide which focuses on distributing the road space […]

Oslo cuts on-street parking

Oslo’s plans for a car-free city centre by 2019 is resulting in several changes in the city transport matrix. The city is implementing strategies to make walking the preferred transportation mode, followed by cycling and public transport, as was reported in the Streetfilm movie below. The city is working on creating more pedestrian friendly areas […]

Another astonishing car park design

The new staff car park of the Cliniques Universities Saint-Luc hospital in Brussels is getting attention for its beautiful structure. The building, housing 985 parking spaces, has a wooden facade with a fluid undulating design to create a unique look. As reported by Web Urbanist, the architects responsible for the project were challenged to develop […]

How cities are restricting private cars to tackle air pollution

Fossil fuelled vehicles are the major culprit when it comes to air pollution in large urban centres. Paris, London, Madrid, Barcelona and Mexico City are some of the cities that are developing plans targeting private cars as part of the solution to improve air quality. Share this:LinkedinTwitterFacebook… Please Register or Log In for more....

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Sky cycling

The world’s longest elevated cycling path opened last month in China…

Residential Car Sharing

Residential Car Share

Developers are always thinking of different ways to promote new mobility concepts for their projects, adapting designs and features to new technologies and social behaviours. Some of those initiatives have been reported in the Wayfinding Forum Blog, as the car-free office building and the bike apartments. Adding to those examples is a new residential building […]

Santiago Wins 2017 Sustainable Transport Award

Over the past years, Santiago has faced a great transformation, particularly in the downtown area. The city’s integrated mobility plan focused on improving the way people move around, aiming to improve the equality between the different users which led to less car-centric planning policies. The plan included the exclusive use of downtown streets for public […]

Showing the Value of Parking

For the second year, the Town of Innisfil, near Toronto, Canada, is promoting the “Scrooge the Ticket” campaign. For three weeks, residents can choose between paying parking fines and making a donation to charity of equal or greater value. Parking offenders can donate children’s toys, gift cards or non-perishable food items to the community charity […]

Parking Design, a Dutch Case

Parking garages are not normally recognised for their aesthetical aspects. At the same time, the design of these facilities design usually doesn’t receive enough attention, especially in terms of creating a pleasant experience to its users. Therefore, parking structures are not the first type of development that come to mind when thinking about architectural awards. […]

Managing parking demand and supply

Cities around the world are reducing their parking supply. San Francisco and Philadelphia in the United States noted an oversupply of parking spaces after conducting parking censuses. In 2010, the San Francisco census pointed out that more than 50% of the 441,541 spaces available in the city were free and on-street. Knowing that, allowed the…...

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Car Sharing in Campuses

The University of California, Berkeley’s Transportation Sustainability Research Center (TSRC) continues to research the impacts of car sharing. In August we posted about the positive impacts of car sharing in five cities in the USA and Canada, considering data from 9,500 Car2Go members. The new study focuses on car sharing in North American college and […]

Cyclists’ Dream Building

Following the development of the Oslo Solar , a commercial building in Norway that has no car park and 500 parking spaces for bikes, known as the “bike apartments”, the Cykelhuset, or “bicycle house”,  will open in Malmö, Sweden this December being the country’s first residential development with no car park spaces as reported by […]

Car Sharing Positive Impacts

The first independent research regarding the impact of car sharing was conducted by the Berkeley University of California. The researchers analysed car2go, the largest North America car sharing company, during three years gathering information from 9,500 members in Canada and in the United States. To verify car2go impact, the researchers conducted surveys and analysed car2go […]

Cities are for people

The National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) from the USA presented in the 2016 Transit Street Design Guide a comparison between different modes of transportation regarding their capacity to move people within a single lane of road. Traditionally, streets are evaluated according to vehicle traffic throughput and speed, the proposition being that as a…...

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Beach front parking lot

The idea of being able to park your car in front of a beautiful beach and stay there quietly watching the sun going down sounds great, right?  This was one of the Herring Cove Beach attractions until the damage started. Due to climate change, the continued rise in sea level caused the erosion of the […]

Presentation; World Parking Symposium 2016

  Cristina Lynn, ptc.‘s managing partner, talked about repurposing car parks during her presentation at the 2016 World Parking Symposium in Vancouver, Canada. Register to our Resources area to download the presentation: Share this:LinkedinTwitterFacebook… Please Register or Log In for more....

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