Australian shoppers want more parking

When it comes to consumer preferences regarding bricks and mortar retail, Australian shoppers are interested in being offered more parking spaces than more dining options. This is one of the findings of the study conducted by UBS with 14,175 consumers in 14 countries to understand consumer behaviour in regards to physical retail, as reported by […]

Bricks and mortar retail still plays an important role for consumers

The challenges faced by bricks and mortar retail in the face of online sales growth and the opportunities available to retail property owner in the near future were discussed during the Property Council NSW Retail Outlook 2019. One of the key messages from the event is that there is still space for physical retail in […]

Complementary land uses for shopping centres

A first of its kind in Australia, Macquarie Leasing recently unveiled a multi-brand car-buying retail experience at Hornsby Westfield. The store, named MotoMe, was designed based on the identification of consumers’ preferences, such as a desire to reduce time spent visiting multiple dealerships and ease of comparison between brands. Currently, Fiat and Alfa Romeo are […]

Presentation; Is the mall dead?

The title of Cristina Lynn’s presentation at the 2018 World Parking Symposium (WPS) was “Is the mall dead?” and addressed the issues and challenges that bricks and mortar retail centres are facing in the light of the push from online retailers and how the two can continue to thrive side by side as two parts…...

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Berlin, here we come!

As one of the speakers at the next World Parking Symposium (WPS), our managing partner, Cristina Lynn, will explore the impact of changes in customers’ behaviour, including the trends related to online shopping juggernauts like Amazon, on bricks and mortar shopping centres. The discussion will focus on the role of parking in the current and […]

How to stay relevant in the face of the online shopping revolution?

Frequently we hear speculation about the impact of Amazon and online shopping on brick and mortar retail. Last week, during a Property Council breakfast event targeted at the retail property sector, it was no different.  The unanimous response from the panel (which comprised large retail businesses such as AMP Capital, KMART, Lendlease and economists the […]

Is the car park really full? 4 ways of maximising your car park utilisation

A full car park can put at risk your customer’s parking journey negatively affecting the overall experience. Whilst the initial reaction might be to build more parking, there are other actions to implement to get the most from the space you already have. In our newest video Kelvin Worthington gives valuable advice on this matter: […]

Exploring internal and external wayfinding communication

Although the civil design and architecture foundations of a site dictate how people move around at a structural level, the wayfinding system is the communication layer guiding the navigation into and through the built environment. The wayfinding system provides numerous clues for users so that they can easily find what they are looking for. At […]

Retail Parking Journey – 3 tips to improve your customer’s experience

Every customer touch point is crucial to ensure that branding and marketing efforts are successful. After all, attracting the target market to the shopping centre is just the first step. Once they get there you need to make sure they have an amazing experience that will result in more future visits. In that context, the […]

Engaging branded experiences

It’s easy to think of branded experiences as initiatives promoting a company’s products and as an opportunity to sell. However, a well-designed branded experience goes a lot further than a monologue about the brand and its products and services. The main objective should be to translate the brand into meaningful and engaging experiences. Therefore, it’s […]

Sydney to Santiago, conferences around the globe

Last week, the ptc. team joined Parking Australia’s Outlook Conference. In addition to keeping updated with the industry’s vision for the future, we took the opportunity to promote our new brand, see pictures below. The theme this year was “The Future is Today”. The discussion focused mostly on the potential impact of technological innovations on […]