Sydney’s transport solution may lay underground

Over the past two weeks, we have discussed the new
precinct of Barangaroo on the Wayfinding Forum, and the resulting affect of the
increased commuter numbers on the infrastructure in Sydney’s CBD.

One of the key concerns for the project is the
commuter hub of Wynyard; with the existing train station due to reach capacity
by 2017, and the Wynyard bus terminus accommodating more than 11,500 passengers
every hour from buses travelling north to south across the Sydney Harbour

The buses deliver more passengers across the Harbour
Bridge to Wynyard than the train line, resulting in significant congestion on
city streets and a growing need to accommodate them in other ways.

At Wynyard station, there are still remnants of
tunnels that once catered for trams crossing the bridge from the north shore to
Wynyard, operating between 1932 and 1958. By 1962, the tunnels at Wynyard had
been converted into a car park under the Menzies Hotel (that remains in use

According to, Infrastructure Australia have
been asked by the Federal Transport Minister, Anthony Albanese, to look at how
cities are using their existing assets as part of a national public transport
strategy. The co-ordinator of Infrastructure Australia, Michael Deegan, said
use of the tunnels was being assessed as part of a new national public transport

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