Melbourne CBD to install electric car charging stations

Melbourne City Council is currently in the process of
voting on a plan to install charging stations for electric cars in 12 on-street
parking spaces in Melbourne’s city centre.

The program is being introduced by the Department of
Transport, with Melbourne’s Lord Mayor Robert Doyle claiming that it is
important to assist motorists with faith that electric cars would one day be
widely popular in Australia through the installation of the supporting

As a result, Council is trying to find high-visibility
spaces on busy streets so people will notice electric cars being recharged. The
new on-street parking spaces are expected to be installed by January, if the
motion is approved.

We recently published a blog post examining the entire
life cycle of electric vehicles, entitled ‘Green power and electric vehicle charging stations’. This explores the full energy output of the chain of
powering the vehicles, from power station to exhaust emission. The article
outlines some of the arguments both for and against the installation of
infrastructure prior to the market demand, and also explores electric vehicles
in a holistic manner. We’re pleased to see that Governments in Sydney and
Melbourne are leading the way in driving new technology, and hope that these
steps will see both the energy industry, as well as the auto industry, embrace
a greener approach for everyone’s benefit.

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