TED: Bill Ford discusses a future beyond traffic gridlock

We came across a TED Talk this week by Bill Ford,
great-grandson of Henry Ford, who has spent over 30 years working for the Ford
Motor Company.

He recently delivered a speech at TED which discussed
both his concerns about the impact of cars on the environment, as well as what,
for him, is a bigger concern – a growing global gridlock problem, as more and
more cars are on the roads around the world.

In this speech, he outlines his vision for the future of mobility, including ‘smart roads’, even smarter public transport, and going
green like never before. Whilst ultimately, more cars on the roads is not necessarily
the best scenario for the future, the speech is thought-provoking and puts
forward some innovative thinking that will be of interest for anyone in the
parking, planning or transport engineering professions.

point of view somewhat contrasts that of Europe that we discussed in our
previous article; seeking to reduce the number of cars on our roads, not find
better ways of accommodating more! Do you think that there is one right answer?

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