Lane Cove PAMP study


Earlier this year, ptc. was engaged by Lane Cove Council to review and update the 2013 Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan (PAMP) for the Lane Cove Local Government Area.

A PAMP is a comprehensive strategic action plan which allows Council to prioritise its tasks to improve the pedestrian network. The aim of this type of plan is to focus investment on enhancing safety, convenience and mobility for pedestrians.

The project involved a site audit, data analysis and community consultation, as well as consideration of other aspects such as any civil engineering issues, location of utilities, any loss of parking and existing mature trees, etc., to ensure the feasibility of implementing the proposed recommendations. The updated PAMP will be utilised in pedestrian planning, infrastructure delivery, programs, monitoring and funding for maintenance of pedestrian infrastructure.

Lane Cove Council’s PAMP is open for community consultation until 15th of July 2018. In addition to allowing the public to submit their feedback by mail, the community can use an interactive mapping system to indicate their concerns and provide comments by placing markers on exact locations.

For more information, access the draft PAMP on the Council website


Image credit: Social Pinpoint


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