The cost of building car parks in Belgium and California

Following on from our recent blog posts on the cost of building car parks in various cities (see our blog post How much does it cost to build a car park around the world), PCI published this data to the parking community via business networking communities.

We received a good response to the information and even received some further data in return from industry professionals around the world. We thought we would share this with our blog readers and subscribers as we have seen significant interest in the topic globally.

Firstly, Peter De Grande from the Municipal Parking Authority, City of Ghent contributed some average figures used for the estimation of building costs in Belgium:
– A multi-level underground car park (>400 spaces): 20.000 – 25.000 euro (excl. VAT) per parking space, depending on level of quality.
– A multi-storey parking building (>400 spaces): 10.000 – 12.000 euro (excl. VAT) per parking space.
Points to note are that the cost of land acquisition is not included in the figures quoted, and that the average floor surface of a parking space is set at 25m².

We also received some great information from Darrin Nutter of Pyramid Builders, California. We reproduce his response with minor editing below (amounts in $US):
The type of parking structure plays a key role in cost, as well as efficiency, (meaning how many stalls you can get in a given area). My experience is in “cast in place” concrete structures ranging from 100  to 10,000 stalls.

Cristina’s question about a single level deck is about the least expensive structured parking situation there is, because you amortize the less expensive slab on grade cost to the more expensive elevated deck cost. 50/50 ratio. In early stages of project development, budgets are developed and out here we generally use a cost per stall, which can range from $8,000 to $30,000 depending on level of finishes, elevators, foundation conditions, overall size, footprint, and many other factors. The cleaner and easier, and more efficient the structure, the less expensive. The cost of Redimix and rebar play a huge role in the overall price (considering they are major components in this type of construction). A fluctuation of 5 or 10% in the material market affects the bottom line as these two ingredients average 40% of the cost of the garage.

We hope that our readers find this information useful! We certainly have learnt a lot from the various discussions on this topic, and would strongly encourage further contribution from our blog subscribers – simply use the ‘comment’ dialogue box below.

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