The parking ‘Robocop’ is here

As artificial intelligence becomes more advanced, we will see new technologies being applied in the parking and traffic world. Earlier this year, we posted about Stan, the valet robot being trialled at Gatwick Airport in London. Now, Changi Airport in Singapore is on the news with the trial of a patrol robot. Changi’s “Robocop” has […]

It’s not easy to enjoy the world’s whitest sand

With only 400 parking spaces and around 4,000 vehicles per day during peak season, there is little hope of finding parking at Hyams Beach, as reported by The Sydney Morning Herald. The desire of thousands of day-trippers to get a spot at the acclaimed “world’s whitest sand” results in traffic jams, illegal parking and stressed […]

Parking surplus in Melbourne

It is said that the best car park is the one you don’t have to build. With that in mind, one key question to be asked when planning a new development should be: what is the forecasted parking demand and the existing supply in the vicinity of the site? Parking spaces have a significant impact […]

Do parking controls kill the retail strip?

Parking is one of those subjects that can evoke passionate responses, especially when the discussion involves the implementation of parking controls. In a car-driven society, it’s understandable that most would like to have abundant free parking. However, when parking is the topic of a council or city plan, the focus should be on solutions that […]

Oslo car ban is not an easy task

In the post Oslo cuts on-street parking, we presented one of the city’s initiatives to meet its plan of having a car-free centre by 2019. To discourage car usage in the short term, the city opted to promote high-impact and low-cost improvements for cyclists and pedestrians by reducing on-street parking. Although the measure seemed to […]

Oslo cuts on-street parking

Oslo’s plans for a car-free city centre by 2019 is resulting in several changes in the city transport matrix. The city is implementing strategies to make walking the preferred transportation mode, followed by cycling and public transport, as was reported in the Streetfilm movie below. The city is working on creating more pedestrian friendly areas […]

Showing the Value of Parking

For the second year, the Town of Innisfil, near Toronto, Canada, is promoting the “Scrooge the Ticket” campaign. For three weeks, residents can choose between paying parking fines and making a donation to charity of equal or greater value. Parking offenders can donate children’s toys, gift cards or non-perishable food items to the community charity […]

Adoption of Pay-by-Phone Systems

On-Street Parking

An analysis of pay-by-phone systems in the USA shows the potential in on-street parking. According to Smarking, the adoption of mobile parking payment apps can vary due to location and demographics. However, public policies can be developed to ensure the success of pay-by-phone systems in unfavourable scenarios. The location can impact usage. Areas near hospitals, […]

What’s the impact of reducing parking spaces?

Conventional wisdom would say that when there is a decrease in the number of parking spaces, the occupancy rates of remaining lots and garages should increase. Another common and related argument is that a reduction in parking adversely affects retailers, causing them to lose customers; after all “no parking, no business”. It isn’t that simple,…...

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