Shoup vs O’Toole on the market for (free) parking

September, we have been following a (very public) discussion between Donald
Shoup and Randal O’Toole (a Cato Institute Senior Fellow working on urban
growth, public land, and transportation issues, read full bio here). The
discussion started when O’Toole responded to an article in the New York Times,
penned by Tyler Cowan, which explained some of the ideas in Shoup’s book ‘The
High Cost of Free Parking’.

replied via Streetsblog, attempting to correct many of O’Toole’s assertions and
assumptions – a really interesting read for those who enjoy the Shoupian
theories; as it delves into much of the rationale and referencing behind many
of the key themes of Shoup’s work.

to-ing and fro-ing ensued with O’Toole and Shoup penning public responses,
links to which are summarized below:

Today’s blog followed the debate intensely, and you can read the (apparent)
conclusion on their blog here.

If you want to see and hear
Don Shoup and make your own conclusions we strongly invite you to register for
the upcoming Australian Parking Convention (
One of the program highlights will be a debate regarding the issue of
congestion and parking management – read more about this in the APC debate flyer, available here

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