Why simple design is often complex

Parking World magazine has recently published an article penned by George Burton, Parking Consultant International’s design guru. The article, called ‘Why simple design is often complex’, explores the path a design process usually takes in order to arrive at a desirable product and to present an overview of the relevant factors that influence the process of functional design of any parking facility.

Exploring topics including the car and the parking facility, simple design = simple management, planning user-friendly car parks, car park location and vehicular access, queuing areas, intake and discharge capacity, levels of service, internal traffic circulation, psychological factors, signage and linemarking, aesthetics and special events, the article is a comprehensive overview of many of the factors for consideration in designing a successful (and effortlessly user-friendly) car park.

The article as it was published in Parking World magazine can be viewed as a PDF here. However, the second part of the article that Parking World published was a summary of the full text in the second part of the article. The unabridged second part of George’s article can be viewed, in full, on the Parking World site here.

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