Proposed revised public transport model for Sydney

A report released by the Tourism Transport Forum has
recommended that Sydney’s complex and unreliable public transport timetables
should be scrapped and replaced by frequent peak-period bus, train and ferry

According to the Daily Telegraph, the report
recommends a major investment in technology to provide real-time information
for commuters, with simple SMS texts and mobile apps delivering a greater
certainty of service, and increase the likliehood of people using public
transport. In addition to this, the performance of the services would be
publically benchmarked; transport interchanges would be improved, and free Wi-Fi
would be provided on buses, trains, trams and ferries.

Additional, more ‘radical’ ideas have also been
proposed, including the option of paying more for premium carriages which
guarantee a seat, refreshments and services like newspapers; and the
introduction of ‘quiet’ carriages, where school children and mobile phone
conversations would be banned.

The model is inspired by the popularity of Sydney’s
Metrobus system – frequent services running without a timetable – and will be
sent to the NSW state government to offer short-term, affordable solutions to
help fix commuter and congestion problems.

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