Los Angeles ‘carmageddon’ a non event

Last weekend, the closure of one of Los Angeles’
busiest freeways, the Interstate 405, was predicted to cause traffic jams of
epic proportions.

The partial demolition of a bridge requiring the
freeway’s closure saw the authorities warning Los Angeles residents that
driving over the weekend could lead to a significant congestion effect, with
vehicles backing up from the freeway to surface streets and other freeways,
causing a domino effect and paralysing much of Los Angeles.

However, the fears of ‘epic’ traffic jams were
avoided, with only light weekend traffic seen throughout the city. Los Angeles
Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, who coined the term ‘carmageddon’, said that ‘I
think everyone has realised that we can get out of our cars once in a while and

For a city that has been built based around reliance
on the car, it’s refreshing to see an event that actually demonstrates to the
residents that a car is not an essential but a luxury, and that a day without
using a car is not a calamity.

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