Port Macquarie parking meters consultation process

As the Port Macquarie on-street parking sensors project gets under way (see last week’s blog post, Port Macquarie sensor installation begins), we have been following the consultation process approach adopted by Port Macquarie Hastings Council. A significant number of opportunities and forums have been made available, both online and offline, for the public and the stakeholders to input into the process. For example, the Council has issued an online survey to establish opinion on the project. This survey is open until Friday September 3.

In addition, a number of forums were developed to seek out feedback and parking behaviours from the Port Macquarie community, with questions on what would be the best approach to increase parking availability, to parking behaviour, to employee parking, tourism and car usage. You can view these forums and the comments they generated online at http://pmhclistening.com.au/parking

The Port Macquarie Chamber of Commerce has also published the results of their CBD Parking and People Movement Policy survey online (you can view the results here), supporting the enforcement of short parking limits in high-use areas to improve turnover – whilst being opposed to the introduction of paid on-street or parking meters in the CBD. The Council’s parking strategy online survey can be found at www.hastings.nsw.gov.au

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