Parking planning and congestion control debate

As a part of the rapidly approaching Australian Parking Conference 2010 (only72 days to go!), the Parking Association of Australia is hosting a debate on how best to manage traffic congestion in cities. The discussion will be based on actual case studies and experiences of three highly regarded experts from the USA, Sweden and Australia.

The three approaches that will be discussed are:

Congestion pricing.
Based on the Swedish policy, Muriel Hugosson from the Department of Transport Sciences at the Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) will discuss the outcome, issues and pitfalls in order to have a smooth implementation, and whether Australian cities are ready for such a system.

Parking levy.
Presented by Tim Wyatt from the Department of Transport WA, the concept of a levy will be discussed, including how they operate, their objectives, whether they have a tangible effect on congestion and provide alternative means of transport to the ‘single occupant’ motor vehicle, based on the levy as applied currently to parking spaces in Perth.

Market-based pricing.
The development of a pricing system based on the demand for parking, with the right price ensuring that there are always a few spaces available which in turn results in win/win outcomes for local businesses, the council, the residents and visitors. Presented by Donald Shoup and drawing on his research from his publication ‘The High Cost of Free Parking’.

The debate will take place at the Australian Parking Convention on Tuesday 9th November from 2pm. For more information, you can view the official debate flyer here. To register for the APC, visit the website at Alternatively, if you are interested in submitting specific questions for the debate beforehand, simply email Cristina Lynn to attempt to incorporate them into the debate.

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