Innovative LED technology illuminates parking garage facade

The façade of the new car park at the headquarters of the Siemens Building Technologies Division in Zug, Switzerland, has been designed and lit using an external façade of LED lights.

The 25,900 LEDs are highly energy efficient, using only 39.2 kW per hour of operation, equivalent to the power consumption of 20 electric kettles. At this point in time, the lighting remains static; but the LED lights have the ability to change to an entire range of colours, and the Building Technologies are working closely with the municipal authorities to develop an overall lighting concept for dynamic operations in the future.

In addition to the LED lighting, the building’s outer skin consists of expanded metal mesh fields in two tones of silver as well as dark gray horizontal pilaster strips (column-like wall elements), which combine to form a delicate, slightly transparent, sectioned facade. The expanded metal mesh construction also allows for natural energy-efficient ventilation of the parking garage.

For more information you can also see our recent post on Brisbane Airport’s kinetic art project facade on the PCI Blog here.

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