Parking – present and future

Special Report: Managing the impact of covid-19 on your car park performance

Our team has been proactively thinking about how landlords can deal with impacts on car park performance as a result of recent lockdowns.

Since mid-March, we have been keeping track of changes taking place in Australia and abroad, collecting relevant information and undertaking occupancy and pricing surveys to report hard data on how the virus is affecting parking behaviours.

We strongly believe that it is crucial to think of what’s next. Although it is a complex task (and very much site specific), we have analysed potential long term impacts affecting our clients and identified opportunities for different types of car parks.

Our report includes:

  • Car park occupancy trends (Sydney)
  • Car park pricing trends (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane)
  • Possible actions considering different types of arrangements (management agreement, lease and direct management of the parking supply)
  • Temporarily repurposing car parks
  • Opportunities for the post-COVID-19 future for different types of properties

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