How many parking spaces are enough if your development is in Wynyard?

The developers of a new building at Sydney’s Wynyard
station are clashing with the City of Sydney over parking requirements.

According to an article published by the Daily Telegraph, the developers want 177 parking spaces for the 3,500 employee capacity
building, claiming that the building needs that number of spaces to attract
high-profile tenants.

On the other hand, the City of Sydney and the
Department of Transport are lobbying for the spaces to be cut back to 80,
arguing that ‘given the site’s unrivalled access to public transport, the department
should consider imposing a much lower maximum. No net increase in the number of
parking spaces should be provided on site for either commercial car parking or
tenant parking over existing supply’.

Transport NSW argued that the site it among the most
highly accessible locations in Sydney, serviced by six train lines and more
than 100 bus routes.

One of the significant policies being promoted by many
European cities to reduce congestion is to significantly reduce parking supply
in developments located within a certain distance from a public transport hub.
According to research published by ITDP in 2011 (see our recent blog post ‘Study on parking space management finds Europe leads the way‘), both Hamburg and Zurich
froze the existing parking supply in the city centre. When a new space is built
off-street, an on-street space needs to be removed. Hamburg implemented this
cap-and-trade in 1976 and Zurich in 1996, as part of its “historic parking

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