…as India also considers their car parking requirements

The Wayfinding Forum’s ‘shadow author’ recently
visited India on a fact finding mission to examine the parking situation in
Mumbai. Both the photo above and the video below were captured by our
correspondent whilst on location.

As you can see, both traffic and parking are growing
problems in the city, and we expect that this is a reflection on what is
happening in the rest of the country as it faces exponential population and
economic growth. Over half the total country’s population of almost 1.2 billion
is aged under 35 years.

We came across an article from the Economic Times in India this week, reporting on the Development Minister Kamal Nath instigating
planning requirements for parking facilities for all new buildings in the country.

Whilst the article does not state the parking
requirements mandated by the Town and Country Planning Organisation, real
estate developers and builders acknowledge the need to strike the right balance
between too much and too little parking.

In Punjab and Noida, where recently changed building
norms prescribe very high parking facilities, the Confederation of Real Estate
Developers’ Associations of India has approached the government to relax the
planning restrictions, with many projects seeing basement parking lots
remaining unused. They claim that apart from becoming a maintenance issue, the
unused parking lots can also pose problems with law and order as they are used
by ‘unscrupulous elements’.

As you can see from the videos and images from Mumbai,
there is no shortage of cars and traffic on the roads of India, and an
effective policy will need to be developed to carefully manage the
transportation planning, on-street parking rules and the parking requirements
of urban constructions.

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