Enforcement procedure, Sicilian style


Cristina Lynn, Managing Partner of ptc., observed curious behaviour from her temporary residence in Modica, Sicily. This is what happens when you commit a traffic offence in Modica:

  1. Enforcement officer ambles towards offending vehicle(s);
  2. Enforcement officer blows his whistle to advise the drivers that they need to come and move their car;
  3. Enforcement officer walks around for a bit (blowing more whistles at other “offenders”);
  4. Eventually (say 10 minutes later or so) either the driver finally comes out and drives off with a flourish of hand waving (to demonstrate that his life and death business has been completed successfully) or the enforcement officer, reluctantly, writes up a ticket.

Clearly, there is more emphasis here on customer service rather than revenue generating!

This photo was taken at the major roundabout in the city centre where two vehicles parked nose to nose. Can you imagine seeing something similar in any Australian city?


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