Card security breached in Queenstown

Last week, a number of credit card scams hit Queenstown (New Zealand), with the Man Street car park the focus of the breach of security.

Customers who had used their credit cards for payments at the car park were phoned by their card companies and notified that fraudulent transactions had taken place later in the day. The Bank of New Zealand has blocked credit card transactions outside New Zealand and Australia for customers who used credit cards at the building, and a placed a hold on the credit card accounts for seventeen customers who used the car park.

A specialist fraud company has been hired to investigate the incident, wit a forensic audit to take place in the car park. The initial diagnosis is that the data collection process was compromised.

Meanwhile, four other separate credit card scams in Queenstown have been revealed this week.

Following recent scams in Auckland (Dec 2009) and Victoria, Canada (April ’10), PCI published a list of resources concerning PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) compliance, with information on the need for businesses handling data transmission to comply with the standard, and the consequences for failing to do so. You can view this post again and find this list of resources in full here.

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