Car park signage – the good, the bad and the ugly

One of the areas that is often overlooked or taken for granted in car parks is signage. From exterior signage that attracts customers, to interior signage that helps drivers and pedestrians navigate quickly and easily through a car park, the importance of good signage to a positive customer experience is crucial.

We would like to refer you to a blog posted by Christchurch Council’s Kevin Warwood where he explores how signage can affect a parking business. From the number of signs, to the fonts, to the amount of information contained on the signs, to the frequency that they are changed, and the location and shape of the sign, Warwood draws on his experience to provide recommendations for better signage.

At Parking & Traffic Consultants, we take signage very seriously and we are always keen to assist our clients in ensuring that it is correctly designed and installed in order to maximise safety and efficiency in the movement of vehicles and pedestrians in and around the car park. We attach here a few real “beauties” we have come across in recent projects – we are sure our readers will be able to add many more of their own.

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