Saga City film on urban planning

This week we came across a film on the website of the Victoria Transport Policy Institute called Saga City. This short film is intended to show how our communities can tackle the challenges of urban planning and vehicle emissions, as well as learning more about the impacts of our current development patterns.

The film is designed to show how good town planning is an important tool in dealing with the issue of climate change. By defining the way a community is shaped and organised, urban planning determines part of its energy consumption, and thus the quantity of emissions released by its inhabitants.

Under its mayor’s impulse, Saga City builds a long-term vision for its development in order to face a whole range of problems, decreasing their emissions and transforming their town into a healthier, greener and a more prosperous city. They will use the challenge that they face to completely reassess the way they develop and plan a city. Watch the video below.

Our Managing Partner, Cristina Lynn, recently visited South America and took the photo below which illustrates, in a real life context, the impact of these emissions on our cities. This photo was taken from the hills above Santiago, Chile, and shows us that the issues as defined by the Saga City film are ones that many cities around the world face.

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