Barangaroo – errata corrige

During the week, we were contacted by Lend Lease in
regards to our blog post last week about Barangaroo, titled ‘Sydney’s Barangaroo precinct faces transportation challenges‘. As a result, we would like
to take the time to publish several points conveyed to us by Lend Lease’s
communications team in relation to our post.

First of all, you may notice a different image for
this week’s blog post. This image has been provided to us by Lend Lease and
reflects the latest design for the Barangaroo precinct which has undergone
significant changes over the last 12 months in response to extensive

Furthermore, the Auditor General’s report did not state that the Barangaroo
development is ‘at considerable risk due to inadequate transport and
lower-than-expected developer contributions’, but instead said that there was a
risk if planned transport improvements
were not delivered in time. The Auditor-General’s report also stated that the
Barangaroo Delivery Authority’s forecast budget was at risk if developer payments were lower than

The quoted report also noted that under certain
scenarios Wynyard train station would reach capacity in 2017 – irrespective of
the Barangaroo development.  Moreover,
the Auditor General‘s figure of an additional 14,300 commuters arising from
Barangaroo assumes that all 22,700 jobs that will be located at Barangaroo will
be new jobs. Lend Lease has advised us that its forecasts indicate that only 6,000
of these will be new jobs, implying an additional 3,780 commuters.

Finally, we would also like to publish Lend Lease’s comments
that “additional transport opportunities for Barangaroo include an
improved pedestrian link to Wynyard, new ferry terminals and the extension of
light rail” – not only the heavy rail link through Wynyard station.

For more information on the Barangaroo project, you
may wish to visit the website here, and Lend Lease’s response to the release of
the Auditor-General’s report on their website here.  

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