Melbourne police bicycling blitz

Last week, Melbourne police launched Operation Compass, a ‘bike blitz’ on Melbourne’s key bicycle arterials coming in to the
city. The planned crackdown focuses on cyclists who disobey traffic lights and
road signs, and those who fail to wear
helmets or have lights on their
bike. Similarly, motorists who put cyclists at risk will also be targeted.
Four cyclists have died on Victorian roads this year. A
significant number of collisions causing injury have also occurred, with a
number of recent incidents, particularly in the St Kilda Road area, where
cyclists have collided with opening car doors.

The key message the police are trying to communicate (and
enforce) is that when cyclists enter the CBD after coming off a bike path it is
essential they change their riding behavior – on the approach to a built up
area that the cyclists should slow down, be aware of vehicles parking and car
doors opening, as well as pedestrians. Likewise, all motorists need to be aware
of cyclists on the road and drive with care.

As we saw in last week’s article from New York, the significant
growth in the use of bicycles in both Australia and the US is leading to
teething problems as systems designed for cars are adapting to the influx of
bicycles. This is a challenge for our transport planners, but one to embrace as
our communities adapt to the changing demand for our roads and transport

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