Sydney Tweed Cycle

The number of cyclists on Sydney roads is increasing
every day, but this was taken to a new level on the morning of Sunday 30th July
when over 150 dapper cyclists took to the CBD streets for the Sydney Tweed
Cycle.  The event was organised through
the Sydney Cyclist website, following the success of similar events across the globe.

The idea behind the ride is “to revel in the days of
old by going for a leisurely ride in the sartorial splendour of tweed”, and to
spread the word on the social benefits of cycling.

Our Traffic Engineer, Andrew Morse, took place in the
event this year (see photo proof below) and was impressed by the effort put in
by everybody to dress up for the day, and by the etiquette shown by all
riders.  It is probably difficult to
express road rage whilst wearing tweed.

NSW Police were on hand to assist at the many
intersections along the route, although it was noted that the traffic signals
were definitely favouring the empty roads and it took some time for the queue
of 150 plus riders to negotiate the city cycle lanes. Maybe this is a preview
of things to come as the number of everyday cyclists increases.

Photo Courtesy of Joelzilla (Flickr). View more photos here

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