Sydney traffic getting slower

Sydney’s traffic has got worse on six of the seven major roads in the past year, according to the finds of the recently released NSW Auditor-General’s report into transport and ports.

The report comes as the NSW Government announced that a transport masterplan deadline has been set for November 2012.

Of the seven arterial routes mentioned in the report – the F3, M2, M4, M5, Military Road, Princes Highway and Victoria Road – the combined morning peak speed was 29km/h, down from 31km/h. According to, the slowest road was Victoria Road, which moves at an average morning peak speed of 24km/h, down from 26 km/h last year.

We can certainly vouch for the congestion gridlock on Military Road which we regularly need to navigate in getting around our local projects!

Peak speeds in the afternoon were not as bad, with the average peak speed across the seven routes remaining at 42km/h for the second year in a row.

The report also zeroed in on contractors and consultants, noting that transport agencies spent more than $191 million on contractors in the year to July 2011, as well as the cost of overtime in transport agencies, and blow-outs on major construction projects.

The full report is available to be viewed online here.

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