Solar roadways project seeks public support


A highly-awarded project that has consumed the lives of an Idaho couple since 2006 is now seeking public support for the next phase of the journey – working towards the introduction of solar roadways.   Scott and Julie Brusaw are wrapping up Phase II of their project –building a prototype parking lot using the solar panels — and are seeking public support through crowdfunding site, Indiegogo to help them start production.

The project has already received two phases of funding from the US Federal Highway Administration for R&D, along with a host of nominations and awards from various community and technological forums.  The potential application and benefits for both the environment and the roadways are myriad and supporters have already helped to raise more than $250K US.

With the building of the prototype parking lot, the Brusaws are keen to demonstrate how the solar product can be used on public spaces as well as roads.  Advantages for parking lot owners: zero electricity costs, EV charging from clean energy source, plus the creation of an “intelligent lot” in which configuration and allocation of spaces could be altered by the flick of a switch.

The Brusaws are offering various incentives to encourage people to donate, everything from coffee mugs to a 7-inch working model of the solar cell.  For only $500 US, you can have your name inscribed on one of the 396 mounting hole covers in the historic lot, complete with a souvenir photo and recognition on the Solar Roadways website.   The campaign runs until May 31st.

Here’s a short demo video demonstrating “dynamic” configuration.


Thanks to our Data Analyst, Sunny Huang, for bringing this interesting project to our attention.


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