Promising parking policies for India

Paul Barter is Assistant Professor of LKY School of
Public Policy, National University of Singapore. He recently delivered a
keynote presentation in Delhi on some of the promising parking policies
worldwide, with lessons for India highlighted for the delegation.

From his observations, the dire parking problems in
India (caused by an explosion in wealth and subsequent vehicle ownership) are
being managed by cities using a model which – he argues – is the least relevant
and appropriate. This model is that adopted by suburban local authorities in
the USA and Australia.

Paul went on to air his new parking policy reform
approach, which he coined as ‘Adaptive Parking’. From Paul’s post:

The Adaptive Parking reform agenda is based on Donald
Shoup’s approach but tries to extend it. 
It aims to make Shoup’s market-oriented parking reform agenda general
enough to be relevant to places very different from North America. It also
offers guidance on how to move in that direction with baby steps even if your
city is not ready to take on the whole package of Shoupista reforms.

We’ve embedded a copy of Paul’s presentation below for
you to read more about his thoughts on parking policies and planning in India,
and his Adaptive Parking approach. If you are interested in finding out more,
we would encourage you to visit Paul’s blog, called Reinventing Parking, here

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