Port Macquarie parking sensor installation begins

This week marks the start of the project by Port Macquarie – Hasting Council to install sensors within CBD parking spaces in Port Macquarie. The technology will be able to record how long a car has been parked, with notifications sent to a ranger when a car exceeds the permitted time limit – but with a grace period built into the equipment.

Council claims that the intention of the sensor installation is to generate a higher turnover of parking spaces. The system will be tested for three weeks, followed by a two-week grace period where warnings will be issued to any infringing parkers.

PCI will be keeping an eye on developments following the Port Macquarie parking sensor roll-out. Our initial observation, which we have voiced before, is that unlike the San Francisco parking sensors, whose purpose appears to be to increase the availability of parking spaces for customers, the Port Macquarie model seems to be focused on enforcement and issuing of infringements. Time will tell as to the system’s functionality and whether the Port Macquarie approach is the correct one.

Whilst on the topics of San Francisco, our readers may be interested to view the new SFpark website, which explains the new parking system, and is a hub for FAQ’s, media information, news and announcements, and more. Of particular note is the introductory video that explains how the system works; the benefits and the technology in a simple and easy to understand manner. Simply click on the video below to view.

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