Parking Sensors may be coming to Melbourne’s Moreland Council

Melbourne’s Moreland Council is considering a proposal to install electronic sensors in nearly 4,000 parking bays.

The technology, designed to increase the turnover of
cars, sends an alert to parking officers if a car has overstayed its time in a
parking spot. However, critics of the scheme claim that turnover of the spaces
is already happening, citing a 2010 survey showing that 90 per cent of
motorists left the space within the time restriction.

According to the news article, Moreland’s parking
revenue is currently around $4 million per annum, with the sensors expected to
generate an additional $1 to $1.5 million per year, at a cost of about $3
million to install (including additional works such as  line marking).

Moreland Council have indicated that they are planning
further developments including the integration of live signage to point drivers
to available spaces, as well as the development of web and mobile phone
applications to allow motorists to find a space. It will be interesting to see
how the SFPark project goes in San Francisco as a base template for other
councils to follow.

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