Parking meters: Brisbane City Council expands system into suburbia

Brisbane has been increasing the number of metered spaces throughout the city and suburbs, with an additional 3,704 spaces added
this year. This brings the total number of metered spaces in Brisbane to 8,500. 
The council has been driving the installation of the
meters, recognising that they are the most effective means to manage competing
demands for parking, and allowing everyone a ‘fair go’.

Brisbane’s Deputy Mayor and Infrastructure Chairman
Graham Quirk, said that one of the main reasons meters were installed in
residential areas of suburbs like Fortitude Valley was because locals were
being parked out of their streets by commuters driving in close to the city. Over
50 per cent of the new spaces are ‘resident permit excepted’, allowing residents
to park on metered spaces in their area at no charge.

The revenue from the parking fines and meters makes up
less than 2 per cent of general revenue of the Council, and according to Cr
Quirk, any additional funds received from parking fines are allocated towards
improving the city’s footpaths.

Following the recent floods in Brisbane, parking
enforcement was put on hold with the aim of assisting the affected residents in
the recovery process. The authorities have announced that the parking restrictions will return as of Monday March 7, to be enforced in clearways, bus
ways, loading zones, no stopping zones and yellow line zones in all areas of
Brisbane. Metered zones will once again be in operation, although some
residents will be issued with temporary parking permits due to ongoing damage
to underground car parks.

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