Paris launches electric car sharing program

Paris announced this week the
launch of Autolib’, a city-supported electric car sharing scheme. Based on the
success of their bike sharing system, Velib’, launched in 2007, the car
sharing program aims to ‘break the mould’ and take major strides towards greater

According to TreeHugger, Autolib’ will work just like most bike sharing
systems. Once signed up to the scheme (customers will need a driver’s licence
and a credit card) it’s a matter of finding an Autolib’ recharging station
with available cars, select a vehicle, unplug it, and take off. To return it,
find a station with a free spot, and plug it in.

The subscription price will be more expensive than a bike share, but they are
still very reasonable. A year-long package costs €144 ($190). The first half
hour of use is €5, the next is €4. There are short term subscriptions that are
less cost-effective.

There will be a 60 day testing period for the program, with 60 cars available
only to select users. It will then ramp up to 3,000 Bluecars – which, according to Autolib’, will be the equivalent of 22,500 privately owned vehicles. 

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