Parallel parking utopia

The technology has been around for a while, but have you ever wondered just how those self-parking cars manage to manoeuvre themselves into spaces?  This great little clip from NRMA explains the process beautifully, from both inside and outside the vehicle. It looks pretty fool-proof, but the only proviso is that you must be able to “let go” and allow the car to do the parking!  Easier said than done for some! 

While the world might not be quite ready for the driverless car, self-parking technology is likely to become a standard feature in the future.  Like reversing sensors, it may just take a bit of time for people to recognise the benefits, and admit that a computer can do the job more precisely.   Given the number of bumps and scrapes that occur while parking, it offers benefits to drivers and insurers alike. 

And for those of you delaying your drivers’ test due to the dreaded parallel park, keep practicing—unfortunately, the use of the self-parking technology is not allowed while taking the test!

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