Paid parking pays off for Joondalup

Meanwhile, the City of Joondalup (north of Perth) announced last week that the introduction of paid parking in their city centre has resulted in an increase in the number of visitors to the area.

According to InMyCommunity, the scheme has met targets with regards to freeing up bays for short-term visitors, shifting them from commuters and long-term users.

The Mayor, Troy Pickard, said: “Visitors will return to the City more frequently if convenient parking is more readily available and paid parking will free up parking bays for short-term users.”

Mr Pickard said the City had added 229 parking bays to the city centre since the introduction of paid parking.

“The City regularly reviews aspects of its paid parking strategy in the City Centre to monitor the utilisation rates of on-street parking bays and the various car parking stations,” he said.

“The most recent report shows that while some on-street bays and car parks are well-utilised, there are plenty of available bays in a number of parking stations located throughout the City Centre.”

Perhaps we can advise Mary to make a visit downunder!

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