No Parking Meters Party in NSW state elections

Speaking of elections, we noted the advent of a new party on the NSW State election ballot forms – the No Parking Meters Party.

Our investigation into the party has shown that whilst they were originally conceived as a single-policy party, a ‘groundswell of support’ led them to put forward 18 candidates for the NSW state elections with a range of policies, whose key focus was the reduction of ‘revenue raising taxation’ across the state.

Their website lists all their parking and transport-related policies:

  • Redirect revenue from traffic fines, parking fines and fuel to a roadside fund to be used for road improvements and the reduction and elimination of tolls on tunnels and motorways.
  • Remove all Parking Meters (extra tax on the family).
  • Remove the Toll on the Sydney Harbour Bridge (the people of NSW OWN the Bridge).
  • Remove Mobile Speed Cameras (revenue raising), Highway Patrol is the best means of deterring speeding.
  • Transport. Immediately increase the efficient use of all existing resources and infrastructure. Complete M4 connection, extend light rail line and long term expansion of state rail network.

The No Parking Meters Party failed to gain election to any of their contested seats!

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