Manly on-street parking limit under review

In Manly, Sydney’s busiest Northern Beaches traffic centre, the local council has attempted to manage their growing demands for parking with a reduction in the time limit for on-street parking to 30 minutes, with the intention of providing more ‘drop-in, drop-out’ spaces, and uniformity across the entire area.

The limit, however, seems to be too brief, with the Manly Council and Manly Traffic Committee deluged with negative feedback, in particular from local businesses and the elderly, who say that they simply can’t visit the shops they need to within the time frame.

The Council is now considering scrapping the time limits, less than a month after they were introduced. PCI is of the opinion that whilst the intention of the limitation may have its merits, the reality is that it was bound to increase congestion, with a greater turnover of cars looking for alternative parking spaces at shorter intervals. Again, embracing Shoupian principles, if Manly Council really want to reduce the pressure on their parking supply, it should consider a review of the pricing charged for on and off street parking.

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