London installs in-street parking sensors

Westminster City Council, in central London, is set to become the first to use in-ground sensor technology to detect whether a car is parked in the space.

According to UK’s Telegraph, the three month trial will be run across a number of streets, with plans to roll out the technology to the rest of the West End and the whole of the City of Westminster, by the end of 2014.

The information gathered will be available on smartphones, iPads and tablet devices, telling motorists where they will be able to find an available parking space. It will also enable Westminster to monitor parking patterns, which could see a variable pricing scheme introduced according to demand at different times.

When fully operational, the system will require payment by mobile phone, which will send special alerts to drivers when their paid-for time is running out.

Ultimately cars registered on the system could set up an account which would enable “contactless payment” with another sensor fitted on the bottom of the vehicle.

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  1. Hi

    Has the city council looked at releasing this data as an open source API feed for other app development?

    If so, is there a link you can share to this data?


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