Launch of ‘Reinventing Parking’ blog

Singapore-based academic Paul Barter (Assistant Professor of LKY School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore), has launched in the past two weeks a new parking resource – a blog called ‘Reinventing Parking’.

Paul has been running a blog on the wider topic of ‘Urban Transport’ for some time now, but as his interest and focus on parking becomes more prevalent, he has decided to launch a dedicated resource on parking policy alone, with the key aim of helping communities understand parking policy, the choices they face, and the implications of these policies.

Whilst based in Singapore, the blog is designed to have a wide geographic focus, using his research on parking policies in cities globally. Read more about Paul’s research, his aims and his intended perspective for the Reinventing Parking blog on his introductory post here.

PCI is a supporter of Paul’s work and will share any significant news or information from Paul’s research on the PCI blog where relevant. However, if you have a specific interest in parking policy, we would recommend you also visit Paul’s blog Reinventing Parking here.

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